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Little Songbirds           



“Blackbirds” - 45 minute structured music class for children 3-4 years old,




Each class has a topic and  focuses on one musical concept (fast/slow, high/low, loud/soft etc.) predominantly through:


· singing songs in tune within the children’s range in the group and solo

· dancing which helps conscious understanding of musical structures and the expression of moods in the music

· playing musical games

· movement - walking, marching, jumping, skipping, running, sliding

· use of percussion instruments for rhythm repetition, rhythmical ostinato as an accompaniment to a song, and improvisation

· Listening to live and recorded music to learn about instruments and recognise them, an opportunity t hear some unusual instruments and possibly to try them out





· to sing independently and to recognize a song from hearing only  the melody or rhythm 

· to work towards rhythmical values and  to read them from images

· to learn relative solfa and the body signs of  so-mi-la.



Teaching material – 3 volumes of Singing Rascals, 2 volumes of Rhythmic Rascals and plenty more nursery rhymes and folk songs from around the world.