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               Little Songbirds


        Music is Language. Language is Music. 

Children are particularly interested in music and there have been many studies showing the connection between music and brain development. Music can be used to help children learn to read.

Colourstrings was developed in the 1970’s in Finland by the Hungarian brothers Geza and Czaba Szilvay, both well known string players and educators. Their approach to music teaching is based on Kodaly principles. This introduces musicianship and early instrumental skills in an integrated way.

The Colourstrings approach is a child-centred teaching philosophy where children build a solid musical foundation by taking small steps. As we help a child to listen, say a few words and then finally to read and write, in music we help them to listen, feel, sing a few notes and then finally to read and write music notation. The idea is for children to learn through experience. At first this is happening unconsciously, and as they grow they begin to talk about what they are doing in music and in the end read it and write it.

Young children start a wonderful adventure through musicland where their sense of pitch and rhythm is developed alongside the training of the inner ear. Basic musical concepts  such as high/low , loud/soft, fast/slow are introduced but always within the framework of age appropriate games and activities.

Geza and Czaba Szilvay collected children’s songs and published three little books called Singing Rascals that make up the core repertoire. They will  be sung, clapped, played as a game, and later on perhaps played as a solo on an instrument, early chamber music or an orchestral piece.

Although the classes are fun, it is not just entertainment, but entertainment with the aim of teaching children, right from the beginning, about music and the joy that it can be.

     Music belongs to everyone. Zoltan Kodaly

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					- Victoria

				         - Clare

					- Anna

					- Trish

Well-rounded course giving a good introduction and foundation to music. Fun, interactive and informative.


A lovely interactive class that is very gentle and welcoming. It has been a great introduction to music for both of my children and it’s wonderful watching their confidence grow as their understanding develops.  Iva is a great teacher, inclusive and interested in each child.

My son loves Colourstrings. Combining learning skills with musical instruments and music, balls and characters works amazingly!

...we find your music and singing classes very good; it helps children build their confidence and teaches them to share and mix with other children and take directions.  They also have lots of fun . I would give this class a 5-star rating.